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Job In Vegas

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sorry thought you where asking me trying to too much at once
i think you are making a wise decision. family nearby is very important, at least, it has been for me and my family. Unless the job would offer you 2x your pay then staying is a god choice. Vegas hardly seems like an ideal place to raise a family, but obv i dont know all of vegas..just the fun partsgood luck!
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Being near your daughters > living in Vegas, imo.We don't have all the facts. Is this a huge promotion, or a small one? Are you happy with your current situation? How old are your daughters, and do you have pics (just kidding, but this IS OT, and somebody had to say it).I love Vegas as much as anybody, but I'm not sure I'd want to raise a family there. If you're content with your life right now, then there's no problem in turning the offer down, and vacationing in Vegas from time to time. Decisions like this are about what's best for the whole family.
If OP lives near extended family, there's no reason to leave. Wait, is OP near Detroit? ....
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