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Birthday Gift Idea For The Girlfriend

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This is great. I love this idea. It's too bad the flowers thing won't work for her. How about a romantic picnic somewhere scenic with a great bottle of champagne and fancy cheeses and yummy baked things in a basket with blankets and real crystal glasses and stuff. Bring a cd player and maybe make her a mix cd (corny but sweet) to play while you're making out. Try to think of everything you might need and pack it up, then pick her up at the prescribed time, but keep the location of your date a surprise. Don't forget to get a simple card (not too much poetry) and then write some of your own nice sentiments in there.
this is a good one. I did this once in Napa...we were going to go wine tasting, but instead of tasting with all the other tourists I had packed a nice picnic basked and found a quiet little park and we had a picnic. Nice bottle of wine, nice china, a nice cheese plate and bread, a little music and cheesecake for dessert (her favorite)...and a little music. We actually danced one dance to our song "The way you look tonight." Cheesy (to say the least), but it worked like a charm. However we broke up 5 months later, so maybe it didn't work quite as well as I thought.
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