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Some thoughts and musings on the 19 owners in the AHL..Just what comes to my mind about every owner...If you get offended very easily and get butt hurt at jokes then stop reading now:   Canadian Got

Mustangs like to thank my man Otto for filling out my roster..   Good job young man..

Poor team management imo. The NHL schedule came out ages ago. Tuesdays were going to be important because of Survivor and the Champions League. You should have known back in June when Price was pitchi

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As bad as I ran at the end in Ahl, I run like God in the Ngfhl. Regular season champs and rolling thru playoffs.

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I'm pretty sure I would of won last night. Therefore forcing a game 7. Gonna lose because of OT game where I benched Helm

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On the plus side it looks as though there was a scoring change during the season giving you the presidents trophy.


Doubt that ever happens.

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Mustangs would like to welcome Sidney Crosby to the team...Rumor is he will only be a Mustang for a few days..But its a momentus occasion in his career..

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Mustangs are unfortunately not going to be in Toronto this year for the draft..We were very happy with last years representative who shares my initials..He did an admirable job...


This year the representative will be young, knowledgeable and will be able to look Daniel, Bob and the rest of you clowns in the eye and make you cry...


Stay tuned for the official announcement.

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Players already signed:


D Brendan Dillon SJS...... $.75

D Matt Niskanen WAS.....$2.75

D Dougie Hamilton CAL $4.25


F Alex Chiasson.....OTT.....$1.25

F Alex Killorn.........TBL.....$2.00

F Nazem Kadri.......TOR.....$4.25

F Alex Steen.........STL......$3.00 $3.50

F Wayne Simmonds PHI....$3.50 $4.00

F Nino Niedeiretter MIN...$3.75 $3.75

F James Neal NSH...$ 5.00 $5.50

F Ryan Oreilly BUF....$4.50 $4.50


G Washington B $1.00


Free Agents to Sign:


D Brent Burns....SJS... 1 year $14.25

F Darren Helm....Det.....1 year $1.00

G Dallas 1 year $ .75



F Boone Jenner CBJ Sign 10 years: $2.75 $2.75 $2.75 $3.25 $3.75 $4.25 $5.25 $6.00 $6.75



Dropped Players:


Sidney Crosby

Patrick Kane

Dustin Brown

Viktor Stalberg

Bradley Malone

Bobby Farnham


Shea Weber

James Wisniewski

Marc Staal

Greg Pateryn

Cody Goloubef

Bryan Lashoff

Zybnek Michalek

Luke Schenn

Clayton Stoner

Carlo Coloaicavo


Anaheim Goalies


Cap $61


Spent $54.25


Players signed 14 players and 2 goalies.

Need 9 skaters and 1 goalie


Available $6.75

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Well as it stands we are slightly less talented than last year...We lose Patrick Kane, who was MVP and replace him JP Pageau...A bit of a downgrade..We do pick up arguably the best Dman in the league, if not top 2..We overpay him to secure him and not have shenanigans at the auction..We still have a few bucks to find some diamond in the rough...We believe that Burns from Weber is a big upgrade, especially since Weber is now in prison in Montreal team..


After many years we finally have a franchise player..A 23 year old stud who scored 30 goals last year...Our core of forwards is still very strong and we can probably add a rent a player later on in the season if we are competing...We dont have too many assets on the farm , however we will go for it one more year and re evaluate...We didnt have a high pick this year a low end first rounder and a second we gave to our buddy ..

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After serious consideration and considering the other options...


Otto will be representing me at the auction..He will be provided with a list of players to go after and he will hopefully make an admirable job..


Otto is the youngest person in pool history to participate and he can maybe bridge the gap until Adrian is old enough to participate in future drafts if need be..


There was a possibility that our old friend Darrell was going to make an appearance...However the date didnt work out..


Good luck Otto I am sure you will represent us well...

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Some thoughts and musings on the 19 owners in the AHL..Just what comes to my mind about every owner...If you get offended very easily and get butt hurt at jokes then stop reading now:


Canadian Gothic


This team is considered an arch rival. ITs funny though that most of my trades are with this team. It might be due to the fact that he sends massive amounts of text to get a trade done.. I predict there must of been 13000 texts over the years just on .25 cent player offers..He has a pretty good team, for someone from Sudbury..Good guy overall and rumor is he is no longer a Habs fan..5 star calibre talent.



Defending champion and self proclaimed dog sitter of Phil Kessel. He is a man of many talents. Dad, firefighter, Canada's second smartest person and also self proclaimed good poker player. He is all right in that respect. While he is frolickly challenged he was in Glitter, so that cant be too bad right? He once lost to a two outer in the WSOP main event. Use to be an in the closet Leafs fan, then now is a Penguin fan , whose fan will he be next...When is Phil a free agent, that can be the answer I guess. Used to be a pretty good Clash of Clans player back in the day. Also rumors are he is a pretty damn good Peewee hockey coach. Chris is a tough competitor for sure and congrats again on the trophy(not the CUP, the AHL trophy)


Cheap Thieves


Daniel has come a long way from the days of grinding $10-$20 against the likes of Jimmy Shampoo, Evan, Boupan and Pat V...With over $32 million in winnings he is the all time leader in Tournaments..Tough competitor in the AHL but the last couple years the Mustangs have surpassed this perennial winner. Not sure how a man can live on vegetables and hummus but Daniel does a pretty good job of it. No longer Kidpoker, as proven by the age of his Cheap Thieves..Lets call him Kidpoker not really.




JP and I also go way back from the days of Fundtime. What can we say about JP, that you dont already NO.Deciphering a text message from JP, is harder than finding Hillary Clinton's lost emails. He is a pretty good golfer with a very good short game. Dont make short jokes, its not nice. This is the owner that made Chris Stewart his franchise player, before finally buying him out this year. Another year, another missed playoffs for this perennial fun friend.


Puck Warfare


He used to post at FCP, but he has been absent for a while. Very rarely around, not much interaction with this team, as we dont have much history. Whenever I see John Tavares, I am reminded of him. Sort of similar features. I like this guy, his team is meh..Not a fan of his moves.


Shoot Loose


Tony B and I also go way back in the poker world. Tony was always the guy that came to the draft with a 3 inch piece of paper, while everyone came with laptops and books. He has taken on a partner , i believe is a Russian guy name Vlad. I tried to get a certain swedish dman from him for 5 years...I even forget who it is now..Rumor is Tony can be found looking at horses at Woodbine..Good guy , another paisan.


Winning Combination


I think I know who this is, but I cant be sure. I have never dealt with this owner..I think he is the moderator at FCP named after a former California leader..I could be wrong..Also dont you have to be a winner at something, to call yourself Winning Combination?

Good luck my friend


Magically Delicious


By far the goofiest owner I know. Too bad he was driven away by a certain FCHL guy in here, he doesnt post...Its a shame really..He just makes me laugh. He has been cut off though from trading due to stupid trade offers.. He is an innovator that rules have to be changed to protect his moves. Love hanging with him and having sushi. Great gambler and an even better internet troll..He is legendary on twitter. Good luck this year my buddy from Ottawa.


Red Ravens


Another one of the old vets from poker days. He is very tall and lanky and his brother looks like Jim Carrey. The only guy i know personally that is a KC Royals fan. Not after they won the Series , but for many many years before. His hockey sense is a mixture of Don Cherry and Daffy Duck, hence the weird moves once in a while.


The Big M's


Another veteran that I have lots of history with. When I was introduced to him he was called Sportcheck Bob. He would sit in seat one or nine and pile his chips up in $50 stacks.. That would annoy me. Over the years we became friends and enjoyed our time together in the battles of Scarborough. He thought me the powers of 4 6 suited , that has become legendary as the Lucky Bob hand. Pretty good poker player in the day, grinding the limit games. As a team I detest the Big M's and what they stand for. They are corporate America supported by the left wing money grubbing short defenceman owning people. We have made it a goal to crush this team of has beens. Good luck Bob, you will need it.




If you are to look for someone that is anti me, its Zach. From our views on transit to our views on hockey players, we are at opposite ends of the rink. He runs that other league that always pops up in here that is a copycat of the AHL, but they seem to always intertwine in policies. Zach is known for his databasing skills and we love the live ticker that he created. Please bring that shit back. Rumor is this year he will be cutting back on hockey pools to pursue his life long goal of becoming a comedy show roadie. At last estimate he has seen 1845 shows this year, which is the reason he missed the draft. Good luck buddy..




Arp is legendary status in fantasy hockey in the Toronto area. Being the other Armenian in the pool, we have some semi competitive situations. He is tough to trade with, as his reputation of murdering people in trades is legendary. He is though the owner of Phil Kessel who had a lucky few weeks run in the playoffs, this year the Whalers will lose due to 81 on the roster. Only Hurricanes fan I know, and man is he ever a fan...Good luck this year my friend, hopefully I will win the Kardashian trophy this year.




One of my favorite people in the pool that I still keep in touch regularly. He has an awesome son that we have baptized with a new name of Otto, father of 3 great kids and a legendary buffet eater. The man loves his buffets what can he do. We will be cheering for the Ingmen in 2017 to win the conference. He is well liked amongst the community. Claim to fame being the father of the man representing the Mustangs this year. Good luck this year Wayne..You deserve a trophy.




Brian is also one of the veterans that I go back over 20 years with. Professional gambler with a great website www.sportswagers.ca...Check him out, free picks in all sports..Brian is funny as I think one time he drafted a dead player, or a goalie..Or both..He does that..But he wins too...Brian is well liked , good luck Greaseball.


Pk Dealers


This two headed monster has become a great friend over the years. We used to battle with Roy and his drunken ways long time ago. But over the years with the help of Ortenzio I really like this team and both guys running it. Ortenzio has been very fair in trade discussions over the years..While he is very knowledgeable he isnt always lowballing me like some of you clowns out there. The AHL is stronger because of this team. Good luck this year.


Scarborough Shooters


I got nothing..I enjoy him on Facebook I think.




One of my favorites in the pool..He is a gentleman and a great guy to deal with at all times. I think before I moved to the US, he was the top American Fantasy hockey guy..Ill let him have the East coast..Ill take the West( Yes I know Daniel is in the West too)..

His track record of winning $20 pools is insane...He just wins everything.


Screaming Eagles


Ed is also an original and is cousins with Darrell , the inventor of the AHL. Ed has always been tough to deal with and used to dominate before the internet wiz kids took over the AHL. Great guy and a bit slow on responding to trade offers.




Last but certainly not least, we have the Swackers. The man is a legend. From Canada to Ireland he is beloved by all his fans. He is the inventor of the Goalie off night App for the Iphone. With one click he can tell you what combination of 3 goalies will give up the least goals on a Tuesday . I think Swackers and I bookend the owners in geography. Good luck to the new and improved Swack..





That is all for now, Mustangs promise to make the AHL great again by winning a championship...

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Tonight we take our undefeated record( yes thats spinning OT losses into non Losses) against the greatest hockey player to every put the skates on.


Hopefully Austin's hat trick wont make the Greaseballs win.

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