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Pt Special, What's Up!

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What's up Mr. King!I've been IMing you, calling you, texting you, facebook msg'd you, sent you a PM on 4bb. Been trying to reach you for like the past 3 weeks I've been in Las Vegas.I'm leaving town in the morning and I still haven't been able to reach you, so this thread is kind of my last resort here as I'm pretty sure you'll see it at some point. I never got to play pong with you because I've been retarded sick, otherwise I might've seen you at Blondies :)Anyway, if you could just send what you owe me on FTP, that'd be awesome. My FTP name is "shamas otoole" and the city L, avatar is the leprechaun. I sent this same message in a PM on FCP too.Thanks Bro Montana!Love, Seth

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