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Anyone Else Having These Kind Of Problems With Pokerstars?

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Below is an email I sent to support. Anyone else having same or similar issues?-----------------To whom it may concern:I just updated my software and then when I tried to log in with my credentials, the login window disappears. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a phishing scam or a virus. Also, when I have the client open the News window in the upper corner is blank. As well, the Help menu has News and My News grayed out.I tried to see if I can log on from another computer here at home and got the same thing. I am very nervous in case it is a scam or if my account got hacked. Please email me (at this account) if you see any money transfers whether it be deposit or withdrawals within the next day or so. I just want to log in and change my password just in case, but I can't seem to log in anywhere. I even tried just redownloading and installing the app from the site itself and still get the same results. The login window appears when needed, but just goes away no matter what I put in for the User ID and password.I also tried to connect directly without the router, just to make sure it wasn't a firewall setting or something and that didn't work as well. The last thing I tried was using a phone dial up to see if that would work differently, but to no avail.Please assist in whatever way possble.Thank you,-------------Oh, just got a response from them.Heh, kind of shows you they don't always read everythingHere is there response to me (bear in mind I just came home from work and have not logged on all day):----Thank you for your email.We are aware that the recent update has caused problems for some playerslogging in and has caused some players to disconnect.Our technical department is aware of this situation and is looking tosolve this as soon as possible.We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have causedyou. To request a refund for this tournament, please e-mail us with thesubject line:"REFUND: Txxxxxx, $a+b buy-in, USERID"...where "xxxxxx" is the Tournament ID, "a+b" is the buy-in of thetournament (for example, $20+2), and "USERID" is your PokerStars UserID.Please be sure to replace "xxxxxx" and "a+b" with the actualtournament number and buy-in for fastest service (though all refundsmay take 24-48 hours to be issued).We look forward to your response.-----------

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