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Queensday Holland, Ends In Disaster

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Lets see, 16000 posts here 2500 on nwp god knows how many elsewhere, a foul mouthed loser, and youre commenting on others? A guy makes a comment on how a gm car woulda done a better job and you focus on this. Face it you piece of sh it, tyou are a worthless swine and need to get a life outside of the internet. By the way ,whats your fascination with the c unt word. Are you like 12 or something.
my fascination with cunt is because only and precisely a miserable cunt would come into a thread like this and try and warp it into some american partisan cheap shot. I use cunt, because it perfectly expresses my complete contempt for you. If you're going to take partisan cheap shots, at least make them funny, like Scram.
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