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Barack Obama Is The Worst President We Have Ever Had.

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I guess I'll stick the partisian route and say we should do what needs done when it needs done regardless of who is for it or against it. The minute we start to worry about how other countries feel about our actions is the day we lose our moral integrity.
yep, delaying three days to make sure a relatively peaceful solution can't be found: moral integrity compromisedtorturing people: moral integrity unaffected
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lol, World Net Daily
thiswikipedia on wnd:
During the closing days of the 2008 presidential campaign, and in the weeks following Barack Obama's election as president of the United States, WorldNetDaily posted numerous articles that advanced conspiracy theories about his citizenship status, alleging he is not constitutionally eligible to be president because he is not a natural-born citizen and that his Hawaiian birth certificate is a forgery. These claims, however, have been disputed by Obama and Hawaii's state health department.[40][41] WND frequently posted articles on its homepage giving updates on numerous lawsuits that questioned Obama's citizenship status and were aimed at postponing the election and, later, the inauguration. These articles featured interviews with the plaintiffs, which included former New Jersey lawyer Leo Donofrio, 9/11 Truth attorney Philip J. Berg, and former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes. WND and Joseph Farah also touted The Obama Nation, a book critical of Obama written by WND staff reporter Jerome Corsi, which repeated the forgery allegations and claimed that Obama was born in Kenya. These claims, like many others in The Obama Nation, were widely disputed by Obama's campaign, progressive bloggers, and news outlets. WND also began an online petition to have Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate released to the public,[42] even though Obama's campaign already posted it on its' website and a hard copy of the document is sealed by state law. The website also unsuccessfully urged Supreme Court justices to hear the Donofrio, Berg and Keyes lawsuits.[43] Several WND columnists frequently revisited the birth certificate allegations, including Farah; Corsi; Christian television host Hal Lindsey;[44] Faith and Values Coalition co-chair Janet Porter[45][46] and talk radio host Barbara Simpson.[47]In an August 23, 2008, article about Berg's lawsuit, WND claimed it had examined Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate with forgery experts and, "found the document to be authentic," contradicting claims made in other WND articles and in Corsi's book.[48] However, on December 20, after numerous liberal websites, politicians and media personalities touted WND's findings, Joseph Farah claimed in a WND column that the forgery experts had not actually concluded it was authentic and that, "None of them could report conclusively that the electronic image [of the birth certificate on Obama's campaign website] was authentic or that it was a forgery."[49] After MSNBC's Keith Olbermann named Farah the, "Worst Person in the World," on his show, Countdown, for his apparent reversal, Farah defended himself, claiming, "the veracity of that image was never the major issue of contention. Rather, the major issue is where is the rest of the birth certificate – the part that explains where the baby was born, who the delivery doctor was, etc...I can tell you WND has done its part to find out the truth."[50]In a February 10, 2009, column, Janet Porter further alleged that President Obama was acting as a mole for the Soviet Union. Porter suggested that Obama was raised as an atheist and Communist and was subsequently trained by Soviet agents during the early 1990s, despite the fact that the Soviet Union no longer existed at that time. Porter also suggested that Obama's election as president was the result of a long-term Communist conspiracy. Porter's only evidence for these allegations was a series of uncorroborated claims made to her by an American computer programmer, who claimed to have spoken to a Russian scientist in 1994 who told him that Obama was a Communist and was being groomed by Russian agents to infiltrate the presidency.[51][52]
Sourcing something doesn't help your argument if your source is retarded.
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"his black half is muslim" Was not expecting this gem reading the troll op.
Nah, it wasn't a troll thread. 'Twas a joke thread. roll threads are intended to be taken seriously so they get angry responses.
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