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Reno/tahoe Trip Report

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Although it was spring break, the accounting firm at which I intern does not like the idea of taking a week off during tax season. But I was able to get Friday and Monday off.So Thursday after work I met my 5 travel companions and we drove straight through from Denver to Tahoe. We rolled into Boreal around 11 and went snowboarding until 4 or so. Beautiful day; super warm and soft, slushy snow. Plus $20 college student lift tickets made it a bargain.We were staying in Kings Beach, a mile from the Nevada border, so after dinner we walked up to a casino called the Crystal Bay. They had a 3/6 limit hold'em game going. My buddy Phil who is strictly a NL player got crushed and dropped $200 in two hours or so... I can't figure out exactly why he is so terrible at limit hold'em.I had a pretty uneventful session, played for 3 hours or so and walked out up $30. There was one hand that Adam played which was interesting. I was thoroughly confused as I thought the villain in this hand was pretty straight forward, albeit terrible, having bought in for $40 multiple times during our session.Adam is a very aggressive LHE player. His image was definitely LAG as he was seeing the flop 50% of the time and raising almost every time. He was on the button with J :ts T :4h UTG opened for $6Adam raised to $9BB callsUTG callsWho knows why the 3 bet with JTs but whateverFlop came A :5c 9 :club: 8 :spade:BB checksUTG bets $3Adam Raises to $6BB foldsUTG callsSo combo draw vs likely AXTurn is the 4 :heart:UTG bets $6Adam raises to $12UTG callsRiver is 3 :club:UTG bets $6Adam raises to $12UTG mucks after flashing a red aceI was confused... but I suck at LHEAnyway, we made our bets for Saturdays games and go to bed pretty early Friday because we had driven through the night Thursday. We wake up Saturday and go ride Northstar. I really liked the mountain and the terrain park was in excellent condition. While we were riding I went a decent 5-3 on the NCAA games.Saturday evening we went down to Reno and played poker at the Atlantis. I really liked the poker room; the staff was friendly the games were good and the TV situation was money.Phil sat at a 1/2 NL game, Adam played 3/6 LHE and I jumped into the 3/6 HORSE game. They were played Crazy Pineapple instead of Hold'em, and I had never played pineapple before, so I would grind my stack up during the stud rounds and then donate it back during pineapple and Omaha-8 (at which I suck but got better during the weekend.)Once again it was a pretty uneventful session, I lost like $100. The players weren't that great, but between not being able to get quality starting hands and not knowing how to play crazy pineapple...We hit the sports book on the way out and set our action for Sunday.We awoke Sunday to 13" at Northstar, so we were up there for first chair. After lunch I was tired and antsy to watch the afternoon games, so Adam and I headed back down to the Atlantis.I started the day 5-0 and was pumped, but then went 1-2 on the last 3. But 6-2 on Sunday and 5-3 on Saturday made for a nice weekend. I sat back down at the 3/6 HORSE game and there were a few of the same players. They had pegged me a sucker I guess and were coming at me hard. I got hit with the deck (plus I don't think I'm a sucker) and ran my starting $100 stack up to $320 in a hour and a half. There were also 2 players who sat down during the session who had never played HORSE before and were spewing money.Around dinner time the HORSE game broke so I played a little 1/2 NL... During my second orbit I flopped a set of 7s on a J high board and doubled through a guy who limp/called pre-flop with KK... Phil and Adam also had good sessions, but lost their profits to the craps and roulette tables... which we don't have in Colorado.I was able to cover my gas/hotel/food/lift ticket costs with my profits from the NCAA games and poker and leave $100 or so ahead. So it was an excellent long weekend.The drive back to CO sucked as the storm which dumped us some fresh snow had moved onto to SLC and Wyoming. I80 was closed at Laramie, so we had to take back roads down into Denver. We left Tahoe Monday morning at 6am and got to Denver at 3am Tuesday morning. It was quite the adventure though.Vegas at the end of May right before graduation...

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