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I Have Created Some Hu Matches...

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i have created some more HU matches. these have always been very successful. i think we have had 30+ people in all of them.put a bounty on youself (or others). its fun.its at 9:30 PM EST tonight$5.50tourney #144176113pw = fcpfcpBOUNTIESgibler321 - $10 to the person who knocks me out Tehtoe - $6.66 to the first person to win by slowrolling and post the HH.highwaystar - If anyone slowrolls gibler I'll give you my bankroll which is ~ $4.14. Anyone who busts mr.sparco in what I deem to be a statistically improbable way gets $3.25 krup24 - $4.20 to anyone who flops a set and loses the pot, any handthe phoenix - "I will put a $10 bounty on myself. An extra $10 if the person who knocks me out hits runner runner to beat me. It's been a fun day."mase_gotsem - $7.47 on his headstevielarson - $10 to anyone who c/r's gib on the river with air and gets him to fold

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