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Christmas Comes Early To D.c.

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From TMQ:The Redskins' nutty top-heavy structure revealed itself perfectly Monday night when, trailing 24-0, they lined up for an apparent field goal attempt from the Jersey/A 20-yard line on the final play of the first half. The Redskins then shifted to a trick-play set; the Giants called timeout. Then, after the timeout, Washington did exactly the same thing, lining up for an apparent field goal attempt and then shifting to a trick-play set. Earlier this season, the Redskins showed a field goal trick-play set against Denver, then called timeout, then showed the same trick play again -- and the result was a touchdown. Reverse psychology -- the Broncos were surprised the Redskins would run an action they had just tipped off. But now everyone in the league has film of that, so you can't expect it to work twice! Weirdly, the play looked promising for a moment -- after the shift, Washington had eight players in the left flat defended by five Giants. Holder Hunter Smith was supposed to throw a screen left to tight end Fred Davis. But Smith never had a chance to set up because three Giants came straight at him unblocked. The swinging-gate action is designed for two-point conversion situations -- where, if the defenders in the center of the field come straight at the passer, he just flips the ball forward to the center (who is eligible because he's at the end of the line) for two points. Because the play was run from the 20-yard line, Smith couldn't just flip the ball forward. He ended up heave-hoing an interception that was nearly returned for a touchdown. This is the kind of thing that happens when too many people are in charge.

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