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How Do You Play These 7's?

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diamond draw looks to fit here.
I agree, but the problem is that we're still behind every single diamond draw combo. Best case scenario is that he has something like Jd8d, in which case we're literally a coinflip dog. The only hands he might have that we're actually beating here are 44, 66, or naked overcard combos. We're behind everything else.
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In my experience in $5 FTP STTs (which is about all I play), you have 2 types of player that will do this out of the BB. They'll call your PF raise with ATC, and lead at any flop (I saw it on TV!), and are willing to fold to a pop. Then you have those that have seen those players, and think you'll pop them with your decent hand while they're sitting with a monster. By your description, if you've figured him for loose, I'd cal him the former. Raise the flop to 700, I'm not enamored with an all-out shove. If he wants to play for all his chips, you still have enough left behind at this level to make a decision.My first instinct when seeing the action was "Utter bluff". 80% of the time, leading out in this manner is weakness.

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