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Generic Poker Tracking Software?

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Anyone know of any basic/generic poker trackers? What I'm looking for basically is a program that just tracks ring-games' hands played and money won. The thing is I like to play all the games (HE, Omaha, OE, Stud, Stud 8, Razz, HORSE, Draw) and it is a royal pain in the ass to deal with multiple programs. Also, anything that could track simple ROI for SNG's and tourneys would be a big plus. I don't need any fancy crap about the hands I played or HUDs or any of that.Edit: I play on pokerstars, so it'd have to be compatible with that.

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If you want a real tracker that imports all the hands and everything, you won't find anything that works with all those games and what you will find won't be free. I think there's a version of Poker Tracker for Stud and one for Omaha, but you have to pay an additional fee. The Poker EV tracker is supposed to be closer to what you're looking for, as I think it handles those games all in one, but when it comes out it will be probably $60-90, and it's becoming pretty obvious that it was all a complex joke and doesn't even really exist. Cwik's spread sheet is said to be pretty freight, though.

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