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Random Quest.-- Bk Burgershots

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So, i jsut came across the new BK Burgershots commercial..i was wondering if anyone knows the name of the smokin hot chick at the very beginning..she has a tan halter top on.. anyone know where i can find a list of the cast for the commercial? i already did some google-ing and youtube-ing, with no success..bkbs_hot_chick.jpg

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she aint that hot.
She's hotter than any girl that will ever allow you to put anything in her without cash exchanging hands. FACT
So I can only deduce that you'd like to sleep with your mother.Don't we all. Don't we all.
You want to sleep with his mother?I'm sure that screen shot doesn't do her justice. I saw one of those stupid BK Shots commercials and they are chock full o hot girls.
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