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Have You Guys Seen The I.o.u.s.a. Movie?

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Saw this on swedish television today: http://www.iousathemovie.com/You americans are in for a rough ride it would seem... Good luck!
Quite possibly, but don't count us out just yet. :ts Further info: http://www.pgpf.org/
I've watched this documentary and everybody should watch it and take it seriously.The unfunded liabilities, the coming fiscal crisis of governments and the severe lack of savings in the US are very very real.The issues that it addresses are not really related to the current economic troubles but point to a much more serious longterm structural problem.Basically you can joke all you want but unless there is a miracle the standard of living of Americans is going to be very very very hard to maintain in the future.
Agreed. hi bob :5c
Meh, we'll probly be ok. :club:
look, if you don't want me to see the movie, fine. but spelling it so only the smart people get it is freakin' rude. I CAN SEE YOU SPELLING IT!! you might as well just tell me to go to hell, man, because that's what this spelling bs is.get bent.
Q is a very funny tomato :4h
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Jeez people, I seem to have hit a nerve. I was only half serious. But really, what do you Europeans think would happen over there with no more U.S. military presence? Like really, you really don't get it? Really?

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