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Fcp Player Of The Year 2008

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I really enjoy being a member at FCP so I was really happy when I found out I was FCP player of the year. Thank you to everybody at FCP for supporting and encouraging me during all of 2008 and I look forward to hopefully having an even better year in 2009! :ts:5c:4h:3h:club:

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GL with that. This is Merby's breakout year. :club:
ty and QFT.EDIT: Sigh, why did you edit your original post? :ts
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im only playing cash games.. but I really think im gonna do some damage this year, Im a much more rounded player now and have learned a ton from cash games that I think I can use towards tourneys, escpecially live ones.. expect me to breakout this summer.
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It brings back great memories from last year reading this thread. I've had a lot of fun traveling so far this year, meeting a lot of fcpers and staying at the FCP/4BB house during the wsop. I look forward to an excellent rest of the year and I hope everyone at FCP has a great year too! :club:

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