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Hi guys. Okay, a little bit of history first, the villian, has like 20% preflop fold but at the same time he is a really big winner. I see him play quite often and he has almost always more then the buy in.. He doesnt seem to play to stupid after flop, although he pushes me around alot since I don't like playing rubbish hands. (and I seem to never ever hit something :club: hehe) Villian is in the cut off and has like 22 dollars (10 is the buy in (yes I know, very small stakes, dont expect much ^^,))Hero is in the small blind and has like 11 dollars. Villian pot bets preflop, and I re-pot him. He calls. We are heads up to the flop.Hero has: A :ts T :4h A :5c 4 :D Flop comes: 3 :D 3 :3h 2 :diamond:I bet 3/4 of the pot, and once again he re-raises me. Now I have to decide call all in or not with AA332, and a gut shot.so whats the right action here? If u want to know what he had check the spoiler.

So I end up calling, and he showes J7 :qh Jx 3x..(surprise surprise) I don't really care that I lost the hand put I really thought this was a good spot to try to check him up since it was one of best flops to check up what he had, he doesnt call 3bets with any junk. just almost any junk hehe.

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Easiest shove in omaha history. If you repotted preflop, then bet 3/4 pot and got raised ON the flop, you're probably close to all in anyway by just calling. Either way, my money's in the middle.

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