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How High Is She?

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I believe this is the thread you're looking for, Essay.

The number of people that are surprised that you brought up an obscure grammar issue: Zero.   If I typed that sentence now, I would be 99.99% to not use "were" again, which is sad. I hate how bad

Such a Wang thing to do.

I know. Those girls were in high school.Dislike. I've mentioned this in another thread, but I'm a small natural breast guy. Big A cup, small B is probably my favorite size.So.... you're both pedophiles. Wonderful!
Paging Dr. Freud. Dr. Freud to the How High Is She thread, please.
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By the way, I was too caught up in transtesticles to give this the proper attention it deserved.Excellent call, my friend. God damn spot on guess.
I've been there once. I will never forget it.
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Me, personally, I'm a big fan of brown stripper trannys.They love to fuck.l53f19011e08e8f7893ecd0ni7.jpgIn the ass.l088673901612b3ad72dc28yc3.jpgAnd they always, always travel in packs.l373d75110708f202943b57hv1.jpgOh. And they used to be adorable little boys!l34147ce683c34f61bfe022wy1.jpg
I am no longer going to strip clubs!! :club::ts
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Keep telling yourself that. Being easier to handle does not mean hot. Usually, it's the exact opposite.
I was talking about in the real world, not the pretend Interwebz world. After I posted I realized few on here would recognize or even acknowledge the difference, so I'll just let it stand on it's own.
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Einhorn is Finkle?
Also nice.
Brvhrt and I are obviously the only ones still in touch with sexual reality. Cause that is a woman, born and bred, periods and pms, milk and honey. I will never believe otherwise. Even if that man from the other photo was in my room and showed me his surgery photos told me the pic in BigDs sig was him, I'd still think it was a setup perpretated by IQ to make me question my sexuality. Well guess what, buddy, Im into chicks. End of story. Good day to you all.
What I can surmise:- SA21 seeing a hot dude wants to watch movies that star Shia LeBouf Have I missed anything?
Not really.
and there's no such thing as a 10.
This is only true if we're not just sticking to whole numbers.
i'd give your daughters matching fives. just above the bangable line.
I don't get this. If she had a vagina, I'd try to talk her into letting me have the ass, anyway. So what do I care?
This is funny.
Paging Dr. Freud. Dr. Freud to the How High Is She thread, please.
Ha. Man, this post (mine) is useless.IQ, please get back to normal hot chicks that may be high...I'm just hoping for that one goth-ish chick you know that I find insanely hot.
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