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Canadianpoker83 Scammed Me

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as far this Jerk goes he will get his comings to him.
i'm sure he will get whats coming to him..
Duh, dude. Rose already said that.
I was walking in the park a few days ago, and there was a guy feeding the birds. Well, this attracted only all the dirty pidgeons... loads of the filthy things all came flying in. There was shit everywhere, they were flapping around, feeding off the crumbs and generally annoying everyone. A warden came by and told him to stop.Why would he want to feed hundreds of filthy, disease-infested pidgeons? I can understand maybe feeding salmon to a thoroughbred swan, maybe a goose. But not a load of scummy pidgeons.Incidentally, there's not so many low staking threads in general recently, I've noticed.
I loved this story and I miss James.
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I think this thread is awesome just because of this:rawrwz9.jpg
A++++++Gee I wonder who that is Checky , needed is Troyo's pic of him in a dress :club:
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