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Full tilt is rigged. There I said it. Im getting drunk and this game can lick my sweaty ballsack. asldfksjdflaskgjsaklgjsddkhljhahljhklbubble 2 final tables tonite turbo 50 and have monster chiplead in 50r with 2 tables left then AK<kk, JJ<AA and AJ<55 when I check raise j33 board guy calls and turn is obviously 5 all for monster pots. kasdfjslgdskgadhjdalhjadhlj 10th and 11th in both and lost 1k today in omaha cash and 2k yesterday in 20minutes and I was playing tight in 15/30 limit who the **** loses 2k in under a half hour.

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WORD I got drunk quick, rum and cokes ftw made a couple railbirds trash talk each other for a stake, everyones a winner IMO.
If you just want to stake someone, let me know. I'll trash talk anyone you want. :club:
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