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I guess that depends on where you live, in my area it was the largest turnout anyone can remember...of course I live in one of the blue wall states that flipped. Ever voting location was mobbed from open to close. Obviously the silent majority in action again. My 18yr son wanted to wear his make America great hat but I wouldn't let him!

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Yes, this is horrible, this post.

Turns out I'd do, what I've always done, cash farm subsidy checks and compulsively masturbate.

The majority didn't vote against him. The majority stayed home.   The GOP candidate had less votes in 2016 than in 2012 or 2008, when they lost both times.   Dems (and repubs) just HATED Hillar

well dub when a state flipped from blue to the red for the first time in 30 years...something relevant had to happen. if you know anything about what you are talking about - wait - well never mind we already know you don't. the election numbers wouldn't matter you anyway.

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(((Yair Rosenberg))) ‏@Yair_Rosenberg 5h5 hours ago

That moment when the alt-right started to realize that they were just the latest of Trump's contractors to be stiffed:



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I have no idea what you just said, right here, in this post. No idea.



That's because it makes no sense as I am commenting about the American Indian on a post about Hindus.


I remember this post......and those tables back in the day.


The only thing I can sort of stand by is the American Indian having it bad comment. I say sort of only because the American Black Man has certainly been given the old Lucille treatment pretty good over the past 8 years, and given the past slavery snafu.....may have eclipsed the Indians.

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