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Sports Betting Challenge Thread

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TNF, I'll take either side for $20 on Stars using the +/-6.5 line.
This happened last Thursday too.....where people jumped in front of my bets and I can't get anything filled. What is the protocol here? I understand that people don't know who I am so maybe they want to bet with others, but let me make my case by saying I have 5 or 6 bets down with other people in this thread.
I'd have no problem booking bets with you based on your history in this thread.
Accepted.I will take FT if I win, I can only ship pokerstars if I lose.$20 more available if someone wants to back Colts -6.5
booked. I have the Colts -6.5
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I'll take 60 on the colts -6.5 psu, consider it booked.
Booked Colts -6.5 for $20, but I wont be able to ship until tomorrow cause I'm headed out of town on a business trip and wont be home until tomorrow evening...hope that's okay.
just post the stars sns and ill shipple tomm boys gg
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Buy a PS3 and Madden 09 and I'll gladly play your Cowboys with my Chiefs whenever you are having trouble sleeping.
I do need me come Concierge!!!
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