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Sports Betting Challenge Thread

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Id like to wager 10 fulltilt dollars on each of the teams in CAPS:DOLPHINS -2.5 vs jetsTEXANS -2.5 vs cowboysSAINTS -3 vs falconsreply and we're good, dscoot / ftp

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Tonight I Like College Football:Miami - 4Up to $50. Can only ship via StarsAlso, never received from kkot yet for Sunday night. Looks like he has not been here since Sunday night. I sent a PM, and no response. Is this common for him??? What is the understood rule here for time frame for shipping??
Im really sorry. I just shipped the money. I've been working 15 hour days all week and completely forgot about everything
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http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...261&st=9620basically he never paid me what he owed (paid a portion but still). It wasn't a huge amount but it's the principle.
WOW! What a degenerate gambler. Looked at his profile. Did he think he was Frank " Lefty" Rosenthal Jr. or something?? That was some BS there, trying to book something, then if he lost telling you he had to make a deposit and you would have to wait 1 week to get paid. What a douche. I understand shit comes up sometimes, but don't go into a game knowing you don't have the $$$ to back it up.
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Fkkin redskins. Them and ninersTook amazing halftime line wagering to hold the ship. Hit 1st half jets to finish sports. Last nite in lv. 625 flight in am. Hilton auditorium waz sick today. Time for a grey goose.monster induced night.Lovemsp

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