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Sports Betting Challenge Thread

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ill take xaiver for 20
k u shipped
ill take uconn for 20 and im closed out, gl all
i owe u 20 im talking to u now
ill take nova for 20 on ftp
i owe u 20 im looking fro ur sn after this to ship
I'll take all of these for 20 each, but I won't be able to ship til tomorrow night if that's ok. I'm headed out for the night and won't be home til tomorrow night. I'll understand if you say no though, no worries.
i am shipping ur 20 now
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Ill take all of it. Will also go more if you want. So uconn-6 for 25 and moneyline for 10
booked. I'll be watching the game with a bunch of mizzou fans, I'll post whatever action they want.
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