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Hey guys, to preface my message, I just wanted to say that I know I haven't posted a lot on here, but have been a long time reader (check my sign up date if you are skeptical). I don't want you to think this is some kind of advertisement or spam.I know there are a lot of gambling addicts out there so I wanted to tell you about this website that makes watching sports even more fun. It's a website for sports betting. The best part, its totally free. I think if I remember correctly, all you need is your email address to be able to do it. How it works is, you are given .10 to bet with on whatever you would like. If you win, you win whatever the odds were (plus, you can usually get more of a percentage added to your win for a couple extra clicks, you'll see what i mean). If you lose, you lose your money BUT you can add .10 more and try again. I haven't gotten there yet, but if you can make your way up to $20 or more (my roomie has 23, its not impossible if you have patience), you can cash out real money. There are plenty of restrictions, but it is still fun because it makes watching all the games so much more fun. And you can learn about good bets/bad bets thru your experiences and take them into account if you ever get to do some real sports betting.Now here's the link: Cent Sports I suggest you check it out. The only thing that I get for you signing up is 5% of your wins. You lose nothing from doing this. Its extra, not 5% from you. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask me. I've been on the site for about 2 months now its been very entertaining. Good luck on the betting!

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