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I Am Chipleader Going Into Final Table Of The $555 Wsop Circuit Event!

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GOGOGO.Can't make it down, gotta work.
You're a sick human. I'd have to think this is basically in the bag. GLGLGL!Starts at 2? Bah, I have to pick someone up from the hospital around 3 or 4! I wanna go though!
Weaksauce. I'm working today but I'll take time out of my busy schedule to head over to the escalators and support our Fluffdog! LOL :ts:D:D:club:
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I made the final table in the $555 Nl holdem WSOP Circuit Event today! I am the chipleader with 458k with the average at 180k. I played great all tourney and I had a big chip stack the entire day. $30,000 for 1st place and a $5,000 seat into the WSOP Circuit Main Event at the Horseshoe on friday. It starts today at 2pm at the Horseshoe Casino Hammond right outside of Chicago. I don't think the final table will last a long time because there are a lot of shorter stacks. I have met a few Chicago area fcp'ers over the first 2 days I've played at the Horseshoe and they all seemed like really nice guys. There is a seating area for the final table if anybody wants to watch. :D:ts:4h:D:club:
Level?j/k...GL< FLUFF!!!
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wtg, gl and tid Justin :club::ts:D Gallo get your butt down there

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