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400nl - Kk On Paired Board

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400NL - Partypoker 6 playersHero has not been sat for long and has no reads on the villian.Hero just lost reasonable sized pot and didn't reload, stack sizes areHero $226 MPVillian $ 402 COHero is MP and holds K :club: K :4h Hero raises to $14, Villian calls $14, button calls $14, SB folds, BB folds.Flop: 9 :5c 9 :ts 7 :D Hero bets: $34, villian calls $34, button folds.Turn: 5 :D Hero?

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can't really make a big mistake here. u were, at the start of the hand around 50 BB's deep, so villain can't call or float with BS really IMO. The only card I hate is the A obv. If u put him on an overpair, it doesnt really matter what u do since the $ is getting in anyway. If he holds AK or AQ u may wanna let him catch the K or Q (if ur willing to risk that ace falling) and check call/check shove. U know he will bet any river almost 100% of the time.

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