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Kk Blind V Bind Facing Aggression On Flop & Turn

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Partypoker 400NL - 4 playersThis is only my 12th hand and villain has just sat down to play his first hand, so no reads.Hero $408 - SBVillian $400 - BBHero holds K :club::D Folds to hero, hero raises to $14, BB calls $10.flop: 7 :ts 9 :5c 2 :D Hero bets $22, BB raises to $65, hero calls $43Turn: 5 :4h Hero? Is check raise optimum here or do we prefer a lead?

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You can't get away of this hand if he's got a set. That is because you know nothing about ur opponent, as well as he knows nothing about you and because of the board - 792 rb. It would be easier to give you an advice if I knew something about villain, but I don't. If he holds AK, or AQ he might play this way if he's aggressive. You are 100 BB's deep so he might hold something like 8 10 if he's a loose player. A semibluff raise is very possible with a hand like 8 10. I however, would lead the turn. I'm not gonna calculate with him holding 8 10. Not vs a random player. If he's got AQ or something like that, I'm fine with taking the pot down now and deny him cathing that ace. In this spot I see him holding 10, JJ, QQ more often than any other type of hands. That's why I'm leading and assume well get it all in there. Sorry for the bad english. I'm hungover

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