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New Name For 8-game

What should the new name for 8-game be?  

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Why call 8-game something stupid and boring like 8-game, when it offers us 3 additional letter to make a new acronym?HORSE+N for NlheP for PlololT for Triple-draw

and I brainstormed pretty hard for about 5 minutes and came up with some. In all honesty he came up with most of these - I take credit for TESHPORN - but I also take credit for the idea of coming up with a new acronym and then telling Naismith to do it. Come up with a new one!
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You guys are going the wrong route. We don't need a stinky acronym. You need something pure, something simple, something that rolls off the tongue. Something that implies something. Stud, Razz, Omaha, Hold'emI vote for: GravityAnd I give up all rights so that FCP/Pokerstars is credited with the book.

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