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Whats Your Political Position?

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I think some would call my beliefs anarchy. But I think both democrats and republicans are stupid and have made every issue a left or right issue when both are basically the same. There's basically no difference between a democrat and a republican anymore. They are both evil and need to be overturned.
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Wow guys, I don't know why you are having trouble getting into the red quadrant.Economic Left/Right: -9.12Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 6.97 That was easy. I just had to go with the "strong" answer in every case against corporations, and pro government personal control. Also, I'm extremely racist. Oh, and apparently I hate gay people.

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Me and NCTelling it like it isAnd hanging with Margaret Thatcher
i'm annoyed there's someone with a more positive x axis score than me. i think i need to retake the test.
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I don't care about republican or democrat they are both complete idiots. We need a government that stays out of our lives and doesn't make us pay for business' that fail. If the car companies all fail, so what just let them go under and have someone else take over for them. Don't make the american people pay for them. Same with the banks and whatever other business' out there. It's not the people's responsibility to throw money out there to save poor business mens ignorance. And the government also needs to stay away from issues like poker that they are getting into. Making it illegal like they have is stupid. No one in the world is doing anything like it. I think our government is getting close to a point where the people need to just overturn it like we basically did 230 years ago. We need to return to being a republic not a run away democracy, that only favors elitists.

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