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Can't We Look At This From Two Perspectives?

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Alright, in this hand I am actually the villain and would like to see the line that you would have taken as the hero. Hopefully after some discussion see how you guys like both linesPlaying live NL .25/.50, 5-handed. Villain in this game has been playing TAG only showed down 4 hands throughout the session and only shown 1 bluffHero's image is kind of weak/tight, but hasn't been involved in too many pots throughout the sessionThe session has been going for about 3 hours Hero (Button)~ $45Villain (BB)~ $60Hero is dealt KhKc2 folds. Hero raises to 1.50. SB calls. Villain CallsPot: $4.50Flop comes out: 5s 7s 9c.SB checks. Villain checks. Hero bets $3. SB folds. Villain raises to $9. Hero makes it $19. Villain ShovelsWhat line do we take from here on a pretty draw heavy board?

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