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Book Review: Gus Hansen's 'every Hand Revealed'

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Ok I've about 150 pages left to read of this but should I not learn a single thing more then it would still have been one of the best poker books written in recent times (just on the back of the first 200+ pages). I caught a snippet of a readers letter in a UK poker mag Poker Player singing this books praises. The editor agreed and I was left wondering why I've not heard too much about it. Online that night and I had the book within a few days.Gus "the mad man" has his own style. I style I did not understand when watching on TV. No doubt a LAG player in typical scandinavian fashion. This book takes you through all the 329 hands he played in the Aussie Millions 2007 tournament. Its written simply, accurately and takes you through his style step by step. He analyzes every hand, what he did, why he did it and what he could have done differently in hindsight. His factors range from mathematical, positional, include chip stacks and opponents play styles. The single biggest factor of the book in my eyes is that it is easy to read and comprehend. Not only do I know and respect Gus's style more but I fully agree with it and imitate it. I now no longer hang on in tourneys looking to pick up big hands as I get blinded out but am actively picking up smaller uncontested pots and as a result of a loose image getting paid for big hands. I have picked up chip leads on numerous occasions in MTT's since playing with a whole new outlook relativley risk free. I emplore you to read this book and not have it improve your tournament play. This has single handedly changed my outlook and approach to poker tourneys, loosened me up somewhat, changed my table image and improved with mathematic and analytical approach to the game. I can not speak highly enough of it.

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the search engine is your friendHowever, the book, used properly, is an invaluable supplement to PokerVTs small ball course. Actually PokerVT is a good supplement to Gus' book, and a lot more expensive.
No one has put a review of it up so I thought I might take Gus's examples and lead out :)I think small ball is the way to go. Granted from my limited sample since commencing the book (less than 75 MTT's) my chip accumulation skills have gone way up and I'm always up with the best of em in chips. Taking little risks. I'm onto the last chapter of the book now with the final table so hopefully I'll learn how to best use my chips stack on a final table MTT which plays much differently to my fimilar sit and go's. I cannot praise this book enough.
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