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Guy Bets Weed At A Casino

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The weed even looks like crap, guess he was really busto
lol...Maybe you have no clue. You can't really tell whether pot is good or not just from a video. Looked pretty decent to me. The guy was wasted and shouldn't have done that, but to make such a big deal about it (Intent to distribute??? wtf) is ridiculous. "Five Card Bud". It's just an excuse for a cutesy story caption. And the way the officers were talking with the guy was retarded. Cops can be condescneding to the max at times and I think they do it to try and set you off.Anyhoo...I have more pot in the bottom of my shake box than that guy bet initially. Shove pre.
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your post? it is fixed.
Add about 7 exclamation marks, and we're there. Week 3, no weed, and I have kept all raging to a minimum. Ticking time bomb?
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