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I have no problem with the donks reading the threads in the superior forum section:however, it is when I have to read their incoherent crap that I get awfully pissed off.Basically, donks should know their limits: poker is a hierarchal system therefore donktards should know their place in this poker society. I don't mind the donks reading and benifiting from mine and other high quality posts.In fact, in a way, they pay for it with the chips they donate at the poker table,it's not entirely dissimilar to a tuition fee.But do the pupils in a school mingle with the teachers?Absolutely not! And thats how it should be here! Glad you all see my point now!
I'll take a stake for tonights Midnight Madness or whatever...epiphany? - it's an easy game to play, difficult to win consistantly and impossible to master
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Glad you all see my point now!
Your posts in Gen Poker Forum: 19Your points in the Strat Forums: 0If you you value the strat forums so much, perhaps you should go here
Not really sure why I'm trying to help you though, I'm clearly a much better player with many more posts.
NH Suh!
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Lol you need a degree in paleography to understand some of the illegible crap you post, did you not make it past the 5th grade? illiterate donk lol
UMMMMM im sorry this isnt my college english class so ill talk however the **** i please it tyvm
go diaf, thanks
thanks for the defense <3my epiphany is this guy is a douche do i win?????and like looshball said gtfo.
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