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Hey Wayne, need your expertise.


We got a signed Leafs hockey stick (wood), signed by the whole team, with MLSE cert. Any idea/best guess on value?


Does it look like this?




My best guess $1k

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We have day 1 complete at the Expo.   It was a very uneventful day since the turnout was low. I believe that the fight between 2 guys in the industry is going to get nasty and another show is going

Otto and I enjoy it. We spend the whole weekend together and have a blast. We don't make a lot of money from it. We only do it for the love of the hobby   Because of doing this we have met a lot

The show I think was a success. We had a regular win the signed derozan jersey. Thank god he won since 3 guys I have never seen came in at the last second. When the draw was over they left. Peopl

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Day 1 of the expo. Went to Zets for breakfast as usual and headed in. Day started out slow and someone came by to see if I wanted to buy his cards. He started pulling out cards and I saw a Gretzky rookie. Negotiations started and I offer him $500 for the Gretzky, Crosby auto, Kobe auto, Patrick Roy auto and Ovy auto. He wanted more so I pull out 5 $100 and flashed it. I knew the deal was done. He took it


Within 5 mins the Kobe auto and Gretzky sold for $500. 2 hours latter the Crosby auto sold for $100. If you are wondering yes I sold them cheap. Could have sold the 3 cards for about $200 more but it was dump for a profit right away. Still have the Patrick roy auto and Ovy auto and expect to sell them quickly for $150.


Otto was sitting at the booth waiting for his buddies to arrive. I was walking around and saw a vlady jersey for $100. I thought wow what a deal. I have purchase other jerseys from him in the past and knew they are authentic and not fakes. Grab one and came over to the booth and threw it over to Otto. He absolutely loves it. Put it on and didn’t take it off. 2 other guys saw it and asked me how much. They both ran over and got one too


I went in with very low expectations and believe I will do pretty good. So more money for the craps table in Vegas

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Day 2 started out very slow. However I was able to make a few deals to make it a pretty decent day. I had to start latter because I had to hit the bank and buy US dollars for my wife’s trip and my own. My god the rate was a killer


What was very noticeable was the number of whaler jerseys and hurricane jerseys. I thought there was only 1 Whaler fan in Toronto


Otto friend was did a group break and got Boston for $15. The card he hit was pretty big. An Orr auto number to 5. So only 5 made. I am pretty sure he can get $350 for it


Last day of the expo tomorrow. Overall I would say it was a success and it was great we got to meet up with folks we only see at the Expo such as dealers from Washington, Dallas, maritime and out west. It truly is a family amongst us dealers

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I survived D day. It was a very busy day capped off by taking the family to the airport in the evening. For the first time I had to leave early since it closes at 5 pm. I had to be out by 3 pm due to dinner plans and airport trek. Traffic was horrendous on the 401 but made it in time for everything.


The Expo as expected started out slow especially with the extremely nice day out for a Sunday. Turnout was low as expected so I had to be proactive in sales. Sold some junk to a fellow dealer looking for a deal. The junk was sitting in my boxes for nearly 3 years so it was time to move them. I was able to move an Auston Matthews rookie for $200 Purchased it on Saturday for $200 but I also got a Morgan Rielly rookie that I am very sure can move for $35-40.


Overall I would say it was a successful Expo and looking forward to the next one already. Going to load up for the one in November as I expect Leafs to move well this time.

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I finally got my cards from my parent's house this weekend. I will get a picture of the Lemieux rookie OPC card I have soon. I am interested to go through them to see what else is in there. Not that I think there is a ton of money, just haven't looked at them in 20+ years.

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