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Any Night Of The Week Drunken Stupidity Thread

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No, it makes you normal :)She's the first poker girl that I've ever been wholly attracted to.
Wow me too.... totally the perfect package!
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So randomy I sign in to facebook and it wasnt my facebook but it was a facebook from 5 years ago. Apparently I was drunk and shut my facebook down and started a new facebook but somehow tonight it recovered my old facebook account. So I friend requested myself and accepted.... wtf is going on im tripping balls

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That sounds awesome, I don't think they would have it though.I need something that is actually in a karaoke book.
Needy girl was a worldwide club hit. I read that online. So.......... any reputable karaoke "book" better have it!If not, 1. pick an awesome 80s song2. make uncomfortable eye contact the entire time you are singing with someone3. belt it
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IT'S BEER O'CLOCK :icon_cool:king_tanner twitter updates9:00 was cl in a 180 man qq<kk not cl9:14 finish 19th bubble!9:16 spill beer on keyboard9:20 beer is cleaned up... on wait list for o89:21 got a seat at table naos III9:26 got two more beers sat at 2nd table9:38 started losing but i won some pots up a few $$$9:39 practicing for karaoke.9:46 it's t-shirt time! brown long sleeve collared with white polka dots. im lookin fly9:50 changed shirt it is gay9:52 I made a hero read but got F_UCKED anyways. still up dollars9:58 I figure I should drink one more beer then head to bar. Oh and btw went with short sleeve navy collared shirt with three stripes across the tits. One red, white, and blue stripe... im feeling patriotic10:01 oh and im not drinking and driving, just drinking and walking

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