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Won $500 Scratch-off Ticket!

Won $500 Scratch off Lotto Ticket  

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  1. 1. What to do with the cash

    • Play poker in Montreal
    • Buy $500 worth of scratch-off tickets
    • Hookers & Blow
    • Pay off Credit Card

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FYP Less then $500 spent on either is getting pretty poor quality (IMO)
That's why you stick with strippers. If you have any skill, you should be able to get two. I thought paying $250 for an 8 was expensive, now I'm very curious as to how much you're doing or how incredible your stuff really is. I think you already know what you have to do. Have fun.Speaking of, I'll be in Vegas from the 21st to 28th. I'm not going to try the Michael Vick(I'm having my dog boarded) method on the plane, so if anyone wants to party, pm me. I would be most comfortable if you were a stripper.
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Good Lord people.......this is a poker forum ! How can play poker be the losing option ?What kind of self respecting gambler would encourage him to be responsible and pay off his credit card debt ?!?!?
Simple, ISAP. Enough said.
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