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What is a good rate of return for SnG's?

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I play 9-seaters and always seem to end up around 50% in the money and with $1.25 for every $1 I put in (including entry fees) for a 25% return at the end of the month. Among players who win, what is considered normal?I am wondering because I am still at a very low level. Is it reasonable to expect this ROI at higher levels? I'm pretty happy with my results, but should I be doing even better? Thanks for your help.

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I can never get the search thingy to work right on here, but there have been some pretty in-depth threads on SnG and ROI ROR, etc. I remember someone posting some pretty detailed math on percentages you needed to maintain "x" roi or $. Maybe you will have better luck finding them then I did.

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