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8 Things The French Do Better Than Us

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10. Inventing Canada
Yes, the French are great at inventing Canada. They sit around all day pondering, and once or twice an hour exclaim "Say, let's create a landmass above the United States and call it Canada!".
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Nuclear power.
I was a private subcontractor for the French Nuclear industry a few years ago.
go on...oih and LOL at americans calling the french arrogant.
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Oh, you poor, poor palateless bastard. People who say this usually get their steaks cooked at least medium. For shame!
QFT! I don't really eat mayo anymore, though. Too many calories.btw: I just ate a big hunk of bloody rare steak and it was fantastic. Don't worry speedz, I still look anorexic.
I had a mexican friend who called it white man's salsa
That sounds naughty.
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Tracey Gold after school special anorexic, supermodel anorexic, or mummy anorexic?
ballet dancer anorexic (because I have small boobs).
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Don't sell american bread short, we make lots of excellent breads... not all american bread is wonder
Oh, I agree, but it's so nice in French towns the way there are little bakeries in every neighborhood where you get a fresh baguette and some croissant every morning. Plus, I love baguette. I love sourdough the most, though, and that is definitely best in the San Francisco area. Still, on the whole, the French do bread better than Americans.
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