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Final Hand Heads Up Of A 180 Sit N Go

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Villian - Js 10sIs this considered a bad beat? what is it like a 65/35%?PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t4000 (2 handed) Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FlopTurnRiver)Hero (t111880)BB (t158120)Preflop: Hero is Button with 6club.gif, 7heart.gif. Hero calls t2000, BB raises to t12000, Hero calls t8000.Flop: (t22400) 5diamond.gif, 6spade.gif, 7spade.gif(2 players)BB bets t16000, Hero raises to t99480, BB calls t83480.Turn: (t221360) Tclub.gif(2 players)River: (t221360) 5heart.gif(2 players)Final Pot: t221360

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He had 9 clear outs on the flop (flushes & runner-runner combinations) and 14 on the turn.. so he was 36% to win on the flop. Amusingly, pairing his ten made him *also* exactly 36% to win on the turn.So it's a sick beat, it's a bad beat, but it's a 1 in 3 scenario. Interesting note: if he doesn't have spades, he's less than 5% to win the hand.. So to lose it in the fashion you did (runner runner to a better two pair) was a less than 5% occurrance.

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