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Lady, please find me a picture of a guy in a field on his knees, wearing lingerie, with his dick in the tailpipe of a car.Plzkthx.
If you think Beans hasn't made an illustration of that over the years, you're crazy.
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What do you think she's planning on doing with the spray bottle? Clean some mirrors?
(7:50:25 PM) Mojo: i love the random spray bottle(7:50:32 PM) Mojo: squirt squirt(7:51:25 PM) Jon Ouch8s: LOL @ fleur being a squirter
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Your like one goddamn peg below loogie right now!SONOFABITCH!
Images off for the win?It would appear so.I am curious though.Just not that curious.
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So was there really a Fleur pic or what?
Awww BOO! It's gone.It was a pick of a fat lady naked sitting on the floor with a spray bottle in her hands hiding her cootch. Fluer's head was photoshopped on it. It was great. I jerked it 3 times.Edit: okay only once actually because I no longer have the stamina to cum twice in a 24 hour period.
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