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Very uneven and hard to formulate an opinion on. Everyone compared it to Kickass, but it's got kind of a Taxi Driver thing going on too. I was pretty skeptical as it started, given that Dwight Schrute was cast as the husband of Liv Tyler, but the way they ended up dealing with that turned out to be one of the things that worked best. Plus it's really violent and filled with senseless pipe wrench beatings and such. I think I liked it a lot.

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I think there needs to be a small white truck parked next to the scene of the accident, watching but not participating.

How was the crowd for The Lovely Bones?

That's how I felt when I saw Gangs of New York, followed closely by City of God. DDL is fantastic in Gangs, but the movie didn't do much for me. City Of God though, that's the real thing.     I don

Ex Machina


Not sure why I waited so long, but it was incredible.



Captain America Civil War


The weakest of the CA trilogy. I like superhero flicks, but I'm not digging the ones that have multiple heroes/villains.

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The Girl on the Train


meh. Haven't read the book. didn't feel much empathy for any of the lead characters, so the "aha" moments lacked an emotional punch. The "twist" was incredibly obvious from about the first 20 minutes, and the various ways that the movie tried to mislead you were so obvious and heavy handed that it almost felt like satire. I think there was a good movie hiding in there somewhere, but it was just poorly executed.




liked it a lot. The director did a great job of building tension to an extreme point with very little build up. I'd like to watch it again, I felt like it ended really quickly, and could have been longer, but that's probably because it doesn't have a traditional movie structure.

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Finally finished all Harry Potter movies. In order from favorite to least favorite



Prisoner of Azkaban

Deathly Hallows Pt 2

Deathly Hallows Pt 1

Half-Blood Prince

Goblet of Fire

Philosopher's Stone

Chamber of Secrets

Order of the Phoenix

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Dr. Strange IMAX 3D (not high, sorry BigD)




Visually one of the best (if not the best) movies I've ever seen. Benedict is such a smooth m'fer. Would have been a 9, but had to knock off a point for lack of naked Rachel McAdams.

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