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Here's a couple things you will need to knwo moving from Wis to the desert.First, get used to looking for all parking spots in the shade. Fight for these spots, claim them. anticipate the travel of the sun so you get the most shade. this habit should be practiced even when it's cold ( 60s )Remember these phrases when people complain of the heat:"What are you going to do when it gets really hot?""But it's a dry heat""9 months of great whether has a price"Use the pool everyday.Find the dollar theater. Plan your days off going to see 4-5 movies in super A/C. It's like a vacation.Don't get a dog that has much hair, it's cruel.Don't believe that old saying you can fry and egg on the sidewalk. Go out and put an egg on the sidewalk in front of your house and check for yourself.Buy a lot of air freshners because rotten egg smell in front of your house is nasty.Make sure you never ever ever ever pass out in your car at night, rotten egg smell is nothing compared to dead guy in car during the summer smell.Don't eat Ice cream in the sun, the eat ratio to melt ratio equals brain freeze pain.Enjoy the nights, there is something very awesome about desert nights.Good luck
good post, as usual. the ice cream line cracked me up the most, though.
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