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I'm sorry to anyone who should be deservedly involved, but this thread is only for JoeyJoJo, Rod Reynolds, and myself.Every member is only allowed to post once and any responses to posts must be done via edit with the date (and time if necessary) of the edit.Posting without membership will mean you are shunned forever. A PM will be sent from one member to the next containing the words, "(name of shunned poster) is a big, big dummy." Each member's PM will only quote the previous PM forming an epic quote tree that represents your idiocy. To clarify, quote trees are stupid and PMs make it easy to make quote trees so basically we're placing your idiocy inside something so very dumb which will humiliate you for all eternity.If you feel as if you should be a member of this group and you have not been included then you have my deepest apologies. Send me a PM and we'll see about adding you to the member list.Any talk of this thread outside of this thread is not allowed. No PMs. No posts about it.Mods moving, locking, or deleting this thread will be given a firm spanking. Unless, of course, they like spankings. In this case spankings will be withheld. Possibly they will be forced to watch other people get spanked. In the case that they pretend to like spankings to avoid a spanking they will be placed on my naughty list.
+1? lol
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> 21Nov2011 10:38i don't know what you mean by a kaleidoscope, and i'm sad that i failed you with the other option. sorry, bro. don't taze me.> 01Dec2011 12:07can i have until monday to get 4 pieces of kar ma su tra put together complete? if at that point you don't like them we can pursue the kallyscope thingie that i probably won't be useful on.>

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