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I Am Embarassed And Ashamed!

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I live about 4 hours away from the nearest Krispy Kreme Donut store. While I was tottally pumped today when I was in the mall and they were selling boxes of them for a fundraiser. So I immediatly bought a box ($10 for a dozen). I got home and decided to have 1 before dinner. 90 minutes later and the whole dozen is gone :club:
If you don't binge, how can you purge?
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I think I am on the verge of becoming a fatass. Today I woke up early and couldnt get Denny's smothered/covered hashbrowns out of my mind. So I headed there at 6am on a day off and had 2eggs, 2bacon, 2 sausages, 2 peices of fruit covered french toast and smothered/covered hashbrowns(hashbrowns covered with cheese grilled onions and sausage gravy). I ate it all in less than 10 minutes. Another couple months of this and I will be huge.

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I used to work the graveyard at the first store in Colorado. It was fun for awhile. Especially the part where I got the liberal authority in the drive through to give away donuts to whomever I wanted.I won't ever eat another KK donut though. Evar.No, they don't. I guess you've never had one fresh off the line, otherwise you wouldn't say that.
I remember when the first store was opened in Australia. It was about a 1 hour drive away from myplace, and we used to go there and wait in line over and over again to get the free ones they give out.So warm, so fresh.
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