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but I'm from Lincoln, so who the hell else am I going to root for. Essay is a hobo who roots for the best teams, and also likes like alabama and Notre Dame or some shit, so he is a scumbag, just for a

not for kentucky so far.

Naismith was a winner

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i'm liking what i'm seeing. this team passes the ball pretty dang well. not sure how the twins will fare against better big men, but MC Hammer Daddy has come a long way and his stroke is looking sweet.

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if blake griffin misses the game tommorow, he has to be the softest player in the nation. glass jaw doesnt begin to describe him.
reading through this thread and i notice this gem. not sure what i was referencing, but i think BFG (blake ****ing griffin) was out after an elbow to the jaw or something and he missed a few games. funny because i love BFG now. not in a gay way mind you, just in a damn that guy is a beast and i like to watch him dominate way, which sounds gay but isnt.
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i don't even know who's on this team anymore. tyshawn taylor? that's about it.
tyshawn, elijah, T ROB, releford, jeff "the stiffey" withey = starters. connor teahan, naadir tharpe, keving young, justin wesley = top backups.three of their five incoming freshman were declared academically ineligible too. so they only have scholarship players.
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do you have some inside knowledge? or is it just the lack of mental maturation (in his game) over the last four years?
I was finishing school when he was starting...A lot can happen in four years but he wasn't the brightest dude back then.Btw, as of tonight I'm now undefeated in my professional basketball coaching career.
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