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Maybe I should have, but I didn't get anygood cards to Shove my chips with,and I just knew that when I would push all in, they were going to call me.and I wanted to push with a hand that could win something.

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Today was the fourth time of PKVN.I WON !!!!I played tight, kept winning pots and didn't lose a hand.The last player I faced Heads Up, raised me pre flop, but I was getting bored of him stealing the blinds withnothing, so I just went All In.. Blinds were 8000.16000 and he calld.He showed 7-8 offsuit, I showed Q3 suited. Flop laid absolutely nothing for the boths of us,and I won with High Card Queen. AMAZING !!he tried to see if He got me coverd, but I had a stack about the size of Texas, so he was out.I'm in the final 8, but I still need to finish high up the numbers to come in the finals. ( wich will be on TV)Byebye

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