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Looking For Opinions/ideas About What To Do With Some $$

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with 25k i seriously wldnt try to go to vegas with a daughter , id move out to a city you like that has decent rent and get an apartment pay a whole year off and get a part time job , with the left over money take out a % to use as a shot shld give you about 5-10k grind that up and after the year re evaluate and see where your at , going pro doesnt mean you have to go balls out and drop everything , take it year by year and who knows where it will end/start ,
Rent? I would say cost of living vs wages in Vegas is +ev when it comes to other places to live. If you want to move to Vegas do it right. Find a job first, play as a hobby and keep records for a year. If you are serious about getting out of your situation poker should come last man.
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you shouldn't feel like it's the end of the world. Simply stop playing poker or consider simply studying it. Invest in books instead of the tables; even if it doesn't improve your game(which it should) it has the possibility of showing you why you are outclassed.Knowing what you don't know is an underrated, but very valuable concept in life.Plus, understand most people have a hard time in life and never make it as poker pros.And not everyone has a nice family of his own. If you're 28(like your post said) you're so far away from old age you shouldn't even think about it.Just a positive message to swim among the filth.

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