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Happy Bday Adam! (vick12)

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Since R-Dog would be mad if I didn't.....

Happy birthday. What are your plans for this special day?
Not sure...maybe Home Depot...perhaps Bed Bath and Beyond...not sure where the day will take me!!!
Hey, you're now old enough to play Senior's Tennis. That is if you play tennis.Happy B-Day Kid
Thx Bob...actually I am more of a Volleyball guy...and my knees limit me to about 20 jumps a match...lol!
- Zach
Happy B-day broWizardHatPinata1-m.jpgYou're gonna die CLOWN! :03-0317_pinata.jpg
Happy birthday Adam
Best wishes for a great day ! :club:
dont know ya, but all the best :D happy birthday
Im new and dont really know you but Happy Bday man.
Thx....and I don't like to brag....but I am kinda a big deal!
i'm sure you know me, so happy birthday!
OBV...thx Q!
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Happy Birthday Adam! Hope that your b-day gift includes taking down a Sunday major!
Thx Dre!!!But we BOTH know I had my 15 minutes of fame in that regard!!!I just wanna somehow make QQ hold vs Ax, Ax, AND 10's AIP for $1200+ in 5/10 NL Cap $300....jdkfhkjasflhskjlfhkjladshfkjhadsk!
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