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Myers-briggs Personality Stuff

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i dont know how many of you know that much about this, but basically the idea is that there are 4 dichotomies, so 8 total letters. I/E (introvert/extravert), N/S (intuitive/sensing), T/F (thinking/feeling) and P/J (perceiving/judging). so 16 possibilities for type, and the terms themselves are misleading but other people can explain.wondering what you guys are (probably lots of INTPs) and what you think DN or other pros are. with DN i'd say he could be ENFJ, ENFP, ESFJ?

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i'm an INFP. all of the tendencies are almost 100% except feeling, which is near borderline.you can also google these tests if anyone's interested in taking one. there's tons out there--the more questions, the more accurate the test is, generally speaking.

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