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He Put Me To A Decision For (almost) All My Chips!

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Full Tilt Poker Game #4664781253: Table Date (deep 6) - $0.40/$0.80 - No Limit Hold'em - 12:49:20 ET - 2007/12/29Seat 1: ski14 ($162.40)Seat 2: monster_of_tilt ($151.40)Seat 3: mbajpai ($195.90)Seat 4: Spictacular120 ($166.95)Seat 5: Dawn of War ($198.30)Seat 6: Kathoey ($98.35)mbajpai posts the small blind of $0.40Spictacular120 posts the big blind of $0.80The button is in seat #2*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to mbajpai [8h 8d]Dawn of War raises to $2.20Kathoey foldsski14 raises to $3.60monster_of_tilt foldsmbajpai calls $3.20Spictacular120 foldsDawn of War calls $1.40*** FLOP *** [As 2s 8c]mbajpai checksDawn of War checksski14 bets $158.80, and is all inmbajpai has 15 seconds left to actmbajpai calls $158.80Dawn of War has 15 seconds left to actDawn of War: glDawn of War foldsski14 shows [Ah 3c]mbajpai shows [8h 8d]*** TURN *** [As 2s 8c] [6s]*** RIVER *** [As 2s 8c 6s] [Qc]ski14 shows a pair of Acesmbajpai shows three of a kind, Eightsmbajpai wins the pot ($326.20) with three of a kind, Eightsski14 is sitting out*** SUMMARY ***Total pot $329.20 | Rake $3Board: [As 2s 8c 6s Qc]Seat 1: ski14 showed [Ah 3c] and lost with a pair of AcesSeat 2: monster_of_tilt (button) didn't bet (folded)Seat 3: mbajpai (small blind) showed [8h 8d] and won ($326.20) with three of a kind, EightsSeat 4: Spictacular120 (big blind) folded before the FlopSeat 5: Dawn of War folded on the FlopSeat 6: Kathoey didn't bet (folded)

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I don't understand how you accepted allin withouth to see teh turn and river.

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